What is HolidayXentral about

HolidayXentral.com is a client subscription platform that provides travel services like flights, hotels, car rental, tour and travel packages, Visa’s and much more to all our clients worldwide while giving CASHBACK & Discounts on trips.

How many holidays can we go on in a year

Unlimited Trips. Anytime, Anywhere, Your Choice (quality, time, type, budget), Worldwide

How many service providers?

Over 400 Airlines (International Airlines include: SAA, Virgin, British Airways, Emirates and more. Local Airlines include: SAA, FlySafair, FlyMango, Kulula and more
Over 2,8 million properties worldwide (Includes all big hotel chains like Sun international as well as all type B&B’s, pet friendly properties )
Car Rental in over 30 000 locations in 174 countries, Car Rental companies Avis, Budget, Europecar, FirstCar and more
Over 74 Golf Estates in South Africa and over 3000 International
Over 1 million Resorts and Apartments Worldwide
Over 100 Cruise Liners Worldwide including South Africa and the new Disney theme cruise

Is it local or international?

You can access both local and international trips through HolidayXentral.com. There are no limitations

What criteria is cashback based on?

As long as you travel and HolidayXentral is booking it for you, you will receive up to 40% Cashback

How much do I get back each time?

It depends on your trip. The star rating of your hotel or class of seat or class car that is rented. We constantly negotiate on behalf of our clients from travel industry suppliers. There are Cashbacks of R9 000 on a R50 000 booking and R300 on a R1 300 no frill flight. So the more you travel the more we can negotiate on your behalf and the more CashBack you get.

Do I get my cash back before or after my holiday?

Generally, 1 week after your travel or instantly in most cases.

Does it include seasons?

You are NOT season bound with us. You can travel anytime, anywhere. Even same day travel.

What is the min or max people I can take?

The product is for you, your partner/spouse and dependents.

Up to how many hotel rooms can I book at a time?

As many as you want pertaining to your family. So, if you have 7 kids and 2 adults, you can even book individual rooms for the 7 kids as long as they are your dependents.

Are meals included?

This is entirely your choice. If you booked a hotel with breakfast, that’s what you will receive.

How long after my sign up, am I activated?

Within 24 hours

Is it a long term membership?

No, it’s Month-to-Month service level agreement (SLA). There is not long term contracts and no tie-down.

If I have to cancel, can I sign up again?

Yes, as a consumer you have the power to choose.

Is there any penalty fee if I leave?

No, there are no penalty fees.

Is there a signup/admin fee?

No, no admin fee.

What is the catch for the R99?

No catch, you pay for your holidays and still get up to 40% CashBack or discounts for just R99.

What destinations can we go to?

No limitations, you can choose any destination that your heart desires.

What timeframe do I have before I book?

Instantly and Anytime

Who do I call to book my trips?

Our team of world class service agents are on call and will chat from Monday to Friday, 8:00 – 17:00 on our website.

How often do you let clients know about deals?

All our deals are published online. We do send out travel deals constantly to our clients weekly.

Do you assist with Visas?

Yes, anywhere in the world.

Do you cover holiday insurance?

Yes, you can add this whenever you are traveling internationally.

Are you a One-Stop holiday destination?

Yes, everything in one place.

Do I require any documentation to sign up?

No, no ID, no passport etc.

If you say we get vehicle cover/car rentals, what types of vehicles do we qualify for?

Any type of vehicle you want, from a Datson Go to a Mercedes or BMW or Ferrari.

Our dear valued client

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