Who We Are

We are a team of passionate Travel, Technology and Digital Business experts. Since 1994 we have worked hard to create one of the World’s Leading Accommodation, Car Rental and Flight Services Company available today. HolidayXentral and its subsidiary HolidayCorp and its travel partners are visited by over 100 million people every year. We search over 2,2 million Hotel and Resort deals in over 120,000 destinations worldwide and supports 120 currencies. HolidayXentral is a dedicated travel and VIP Services Provider to our Members. – “a Dream Merchant company

Our Commitment

We continuously expand our inventory of accommodation, flights & car rentals through leases, wholesale contracts and the bulk purchases from our worldwide suppliers. We also acquire time and space at various resorts world-wide in order to satisfy our ever growing Traveling Family “YOU”. We purchase in bulk and in advance at the best prices available for our members. – “a Dream Merchant company

No Dilly Dally

HolidayXentral guarantee’s you that we will never make money out of your travel. 100% GUARANTEED. – a Dream Merchant company